Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Post

How does one start a blog?

Especially one about becoming a mermaid?

Anyway, here we go with introductions. My name is Maple. I'm in my late 20's. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I have a sweet husband, Russ. I also have a kitty whom I adore. We live a happy little life in a happy little house. I am definitely a geek. I met my husband on the internet before it was cool (we're talking the early 2000's here), I play Dungeons and Dragons and have attended an SCA event. The Hubster and I spend quality time together playing video games.

About a month ago, I discovered the Mer community. I joined a forum. I bought a monofin. I sheepishly asked my Mum to help me make a tail. After being a little skeptical, she threw herself in head-first and now I have a tail - not the end tail that I want but one that functions that I can practice in. And now I am in the process of 'Becoming Bjossa' - going from normal nerdy girl to more nerdy girl who likes to dress up as a mythical creature.

My human name is Maple. I can only hope that soon I will be just as comfortable with my mer-name Bjossa.