Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Recent achievements

I knew in the back of my mind that keeping on top of a blog would be hard for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm being pulled every direction. I'm busy at work. I have to cook when I get home. Or I go to the gym and pump some iron so I can look better in my tail and be healthier.

Nothing like vanity to inspire you!

Then I have to take care of my house, clean, do laundry...all mundane tasks. And when I do get a little time to myself, I usually spend it playing video games.

Recently I did something that I think is amazing. One of my best girls is getting married this September, and so myself and some of the other bridesmaids are trying to fit for the wedding. On November 12, the bride, another bridesmaid and myself all ran a 5 km.

Now, I have something called tendonopathy in my knees. My chiropractor is treating it, but under no circumstances am I allowed to run. So my girls took off while I power walked. We ran around the path by the ocean. It was bitter cold and raining.

It was amazing.

As I walked, hands tingling and feet soaking from the wet and cold, I could hear the gentle lap of the ocean. The fog over the inlet was gorgeous as it blurred the lights from the cargo ships. I wondered how awfully cold it would be to dive into that water and swim in a tail, and was a bit thankful I was walking!

The runners were beautiful as well. We all had headlamps on, and they made a trail of bobbing lights as we ran; it was so moving to see the dedication of everyone participating and hearing my footfalls with theirs.

I also thought about my Uncle Bob as well. My Uncle Bob was an amazing man who loved the outdoors. He was an accomplished skier and loved packing around the back country. In June last year, Mount Hood in Oregon claimed him as its own. It was a terrible tragedy for my family and often, when I am appreciating the beauty of nature, I think of him and remember how proud he would be of me.

I finished in 46 and a half minutes, a personal best for me.

I am proud of myself and my girls today.