Thursday, July 19, 2012


So, there has been a ton happening lately in the life of Mermaid Bjossa.

This past Christmas my dear brother gave me a competitor monofin, and my mum soon after made me a green sea dragon inspired tail to go with. I've been swimming in them both and very much enjoying it! In fact, the green tail had to get a facelift due to wear and tear on the fluke. The Competitor has some sharp points on it!

I recently ordered a realistic latex tail from Mermaid Parties. Fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow, so I can paint it! I'll be at the BC Renaissance Festival with Mermaid Oceana this weekend, and I needed a more realistic tail than the ones my Mum has so graciously sewn. I have more fabric tails in the mix, but I did want a more realistic tail for photoshoots.

The problem was...I had no top to go with! This is where I get crafty. I read a bunch a tutorials online and turned a normal self-adhesive bra from this:

Into this:

Hopefully I'll have some good snaps from this weekend to share with you.

I have lots more to say - I have yet another top I'm working on. Something very patriotic. I also have a mouthful to say on the topic of mermaid tails being this summer's 'trend' at the beach...and I'm organizing not one but two meet-ups in Seattle for other Mers.

Very exciting! Hang in there, I promise I will be updating more in the future as I continue to find my fins.

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