Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Canadian Mer in London

For the last couple months, Russo (the hubby) and I have been looking forward to a big vacation in Europe. My parents were going on a cruise out of Barcelona, and decided they'd go to London, then Paris, then a tour of Spain before getting on the boat. It had been about 3 years since Russo and I had been to England, and I'd never been to Paris, so we thought we'd tag along. We decided to do London and Paris together, then Russ and I would jet off to Geneva, back to England to Nottingham before visiting with his folks in his hometown and flying home.

Russie is from England. He's British. Did I mention that?

Anyway, off we flew on the 9th. I don't know about other Mers, but I loathe plane rides. I don't mind the plane itself, the noise or the food, but I just detest the lack of manners that people display while on planes. Ugh!

Luckily for us, Russie's sister Bonie lives in London. She picked us up in Gatwick and we went to her flat - an adorable little place. Her long-term boyfriend (ie. just waiting for their engagement announcement) and her just bought the place a couple months ago and it was downright cute. We had a big family day on Sunday, and went for a walking tour of some cool places on Monday, including the Tower of London and London Bridge. For lunch we went to an old pub on the river Thames. As we were waiting for our food, guess who sailed by?

The Sea Shepherds on the Steve Irwin!

If you don't know who the Sea Shepherds (http://www.seashepherd.org/) are, they're basically eco-terrorists who stop nations like Japan from whaling. They had just been in the Northern European area protecting Pilot Whales from a yearly slaughter, and were returning to port for supplies. They also have a show on Animal Planet called Whale Wars.

 My photos are on the camera, since I was so excited I forgot to grab my phone. I will upload and post soon, but it was amazing!! I leapt up and waved furiously and even got a wave back; it was so cool to see them!! I have decided that Bonie is completely made of awesome and win and magic.

We walked to Trafalglar square after, and I noticed some of the fountain statues were merfolk, and being a new Mer I just could not resist...

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